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Innovation in and for financial services has long been considered a chimera within the industry. Due to lack of innovation in terms of product and service development, incumbent financial service providers have fallen behind in the race to meet emerging and continuously changing customer needs. The slow economic recovery is encouraging financial institutions to focus on operational efficiencies, cost and process optimization, and risk minimization, resulting in reduced investments in R&D. Furthermore, new innovative business models and entrepreneurial ventures aim to disrupt the financial services industry with new, advanced, analytics-driven, personalized and technologically savvy offerings and business-intelligent value-added services.

Innovation for Financial Services Quick Facts


Aalto Executive Education Academy


SGD 8,200 + GST

This 4-day program aims to provide up-to-speed but down-to-earth insights on why and how financial services providers can embrace innovation, so as to have a strong impact on competitiveness in a socially responsible and sustainable manner.

This is done through a combination of case studies, lectures, class discussions and research-based material, designed and put together to enhance and nurture participants’ awareness of cutting-edge global developments, while helping managers and decision-makers to address the huge challenges currently facing the financial services industry.


Senior executives from financial services institutions, who represent a range of functions (e.g. Marketing, Finance, Operations, R&D, etc.), Asset Managers, Venture Capital Fund Managers, PE/VC Portfolio Enterprises Executives

Program Benefits

  • Understand the emerging trends shaping the financial services industry

  • Learn about the drivers of breakthrough innovations and the tools required to begin organizing for innovations

  • Build a valuable skill set with a hands-on learning approach, by working on real-life case studies and developing a sustainable and competitive innovation roadmap


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