Over the course of a year, ten companies searched for ways to elevate more women into leadership positions. As it turns out, there’s plenty of work to be done in changing attitudes among the companies and women themselves.

Ville Blåfield

Visionaries of transition periods have had to get an upper hand over financial straits and change-opposing conservatives – just like Richard Wagner, who transformed the opera in the 19th century. Journalist Ville Blåfield examines what modern-day change managers can learn from the controversial operatic genius.

Annukka Oksanen and Ville Blåfield

Can international political events be predicted, and how should company directors react to the news? Journalists Annukka Oksanen and Ville Blåfield discover how business is impacted by politics.

Ville Blåfield

The competence of a corporate board can be assessed and developed just like that of operational management. All self-assessment requires from the chair and board members is an open attitude and self-initiative to update skills. Professor Seppo Ikäheimo was interviewed for the article.


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